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Did you know that within the first 30 seconds upon entering a property, cleanliness and appearance are the most powerful influences on determining if a client will commit to a long term relationship? Many factors come together to form the ideal client experience that wins and keeps loyal, long term relationships.

At LIKARR we understand your role as a Property Manager is to ensure client retention and long term loyalty, to provide problem solving management processes, clean and healthy environments, sustainable solutions and over all client satisfaction.

LMS Property Management Program is a 4 step process providing:

Step 1
Comprehensive Facility Assessment and Needs Analysis

Step 2
Choice of Work Loading Solutions

Step 3
Choice of Conventional or Sustainable Product Systems

Step 4
Training and Management Program

The LMS Property Management Program is a standardized Management services program that focuses on improving your client’s experience. Our goal is to make your job responsibilities easier and more cost effective.  This in turn, enhances your property appearance, value, and ultimately lowers your cost.