What’s the number 1 reason customers return to a restaurant or hotel?  Cleanliness.  While service, ambiance, and quality of product rank high for consumer consideration, a clean facility is the top priority.  Think of yourself as a consumer.  What’s the first thing you notice walking into a hotel lobby?  Maybe the doorman or the fancy chandelier, but 90% of the time…it’s the floors.  A shiny-clutter free lobby is the best first impression a hotel can make, likewise with restaurants and tableware.  Dirty tables and silveware turn away customers like no other deterrant.  You may have the best filet-mignon on planet earth, but if there’s a stain on that napkin your customer just laid across his/her lap, or a drop of residue on that fork…it’s game over.

The solution?  Time management and effective products.  Work load your facility, apply the right products and procedures, create a task list for the janitorial staff, and make sure your staff knows the value of a clean environment.  At LIKARR we focus on the end-result: repeat business.  We have the resources, the industry knowledge, and expertise to provide product solutions that will work for your unique environment.