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Child Development 

LIKARR Maintenance Systems partners with day cares, preschools, after school programs, and alternative schools to provide the best possible environments for children’s development.  Children spend 75% of their childhood indoors.  LIKARR is committed to making those facilities as safe, healthy, and conducive to learning and growth as possible.  LMS pays close attention to indoor air quality, floor and carpet care, disinfectants and deodorizers, and interior maintenance management.  Because children are more apt to spread germs and bacteria, it is essential to make these child development centers as healthy as possible for both staff and children.  

The LMS child development program provides a 4-step approach that brings LIKARR’s expertise in addressing the highest concerns and most critical areas of child devleopment facilities.

Step 1
Comprehensive Facility Assessment and Needs Analysis

Step 2
Choice of Work Loading Solutions

Step 3
Choice of Conventional or Sustainable Product Systems

Step 4
Training and Management Program

Partnering with LIKARR Maintenance Systems not only guarantees the best and most environmentally friendly products, but the best maintenance, and professional development as well.  LMS prides itself on the facilitation of a successful business relationship that is unique to each child development facility’s needs and goals.