FAC 85

Likarr Maintenance Systems is proud to have been awarded the FAC85 Statewide Contract for Environmentally Preferable Cleaning Products, Programs, Equipment and Supplies. FAC85 is a mulit-state contract available to Connecticut, New York, Rhode Island, and Vermont in cooperation with the lead state of Massachusetts. The contract will be the primary Statewide Contract used by MA State and Municipal departments for janitorial products, equipment and supplies. Please click on the catalog link to view our extensive list of products that meet the FAC85 state wide standards.

The FAC85 contract includes 12 Categories of products/service as listed below.

Category 1:     General Purpose Cleaners
Category 2:     Other Floor Maintenance Chemicals
Category 3:     Disinfectants and Sanitizers
Category 4:     Specialty Cleaners
Category 5:     Powered Janitorial Equipment & Service Updated
Category 6:     General Cleaning Supplies, Equipment, and Service
Category 7:     Hand Soaps, Hand Sanitizers, and Personal Care Products
Category 8:     De-Icing and Snowmelt Products
Category 9:     Waste/Recycling/Composting Liners
Category 10:   Disposable Janitorial Paper Products
Category 11:   Entryway and Other Matting Systems
Category 12:   Microfiber Cleaning Service